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Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE)

This type of heat exchanger uses metal plates to transfer heat between two fluids. This has a major advantage over a conventional heat exchanger in that the fluids are exposed to a much larger surface area because the fluids spread out over the plates. This facilitates the transfer of heat, and greatly increases the speed of the temperature change.

We supply plate heat exchangers and provide their spare parts for various industries.


Some plate heat exchanger types:

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

Numbers of thin and corrugated heat transfer plates are fixed in the plate heat exchanger.  The plates are hanged between the carrying bar on the above and the guide bar on the below.  These heat transfer plates provide flow channels for two kinds of fluid, and the chevrons on them make turbulent flow.  The plate pack is located between the fixed and moveable cover, and fixed with tied bolts.


Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (Oblong)

This type of heat exchanger combines good features of Plate Heat Exchanger and Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger.


Spiral Heat Exchanger

Spiral Heat Exchangers are circular heat exchangers with two spiral channels, each in one closed chamber.  The flow of the two fluids are countercurrent which makes it possible to have a close temperature approach between the two medias being treated in the heat exchanger.


Plate Coil Heat Exchanger

Fluid channels are created by welding two plates of which one side or both side are embossed or pressed, to provide flexibility and diversity in design, size and figure.   This type of heat exchanger is easily mounted inside and outside tanks with a clamp.